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Non-Alcoholic O.Vine Taps “Sober Curious” Movement
Designer 700ml bottles of O.Vine debut in upscale US food and beverage outlets
Yofix new key investors Muller
Yofix Raises US$2.5 Million to Fuel Growth
Lipofoods Joins Lubrizol Life Scienc
Lipofoods Joins Health Business of Lubrizol Life Science
AffronEYE® to Lower Risk of Glaucoma
Pharmactive Saffron extract shows protective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory actions against glaucoma
Sharp-PS® key cognitive ingredient
Sharp-PS® Notified and Listed In Australia and New Zealand for Brain Health and Cognition Claims
StePac automated bulk packaging
Advanced Packaging Cuts Fresh Green Bean Waste
Pharmactive launch ABG10+
Pharmactive’s aged black garlic extract pleases the palate and can promote heart health
StePac packaging solutions
Sustainable packaging extends the pomegranate season
Fi Europe & Ni: the most successful
Fi Europe & Ni once again proved that it is the trusted and chosen meeting place for the international food and beverage industry.
IFF Health Collaborate BY-HEALTH
IFF Health to Enter Strategic Collaboration With BY-HEALTH Initial R&D collaboration will focus on healthy aging
BLC 100% Plant-Based Fats
Bunge Loders Croklaan’s specialty palm and shea fats improve appeal of veggie burgers
ChickP into Dairy Alternative Market
Next-gen chickpea proteins designed specifically for plant-based milk and yogurt analogs

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