Liat Simha

Founder and PR Expert


Liat founded NutriPR, in 2002. She works closely with all agency clients, planning every step of each customized campaign with care and intelligence. She is a public relations pro for the functional food & beverage and nutraceutical industries. Liat speaks, inspires and writes about food and nutraceuticals, while nurturing long-lasting media contact relationships. Liat helps companies and food-tech startups stand out in the crowd by developing a complete PR toolbox for maximum global coverage, generating high quality leads for each client.

Libit Bar Oz

Executive Creative Director

Libit Joined NutriPR in 2010, bringing numerous years of expertise in marketing and business development.

She leads the agency strategic approach with an intelligent view of “The Bigger Picture” and high attention to details, implementing marketing communication strategies for new and existing business. Libit oversees and is responsible for all creative output at NutriPR (digital branding, social media, web design, high impact visuals etc.).

Denise Rubin NutriPR

Denise Rubin

Writer and PR Specialist

Denise joined NutriPR in 2018 as a professional food content writer, using her skills in researching and writing to articulate our client’s stories.

Denise harnesses her vast knowledge and years of experience as a holistic nutritionist to enrich our client’s messages and develop a newsworthy stories. She has accumulated 7 plus years’ experience in public relations and as a magazine editor.

Emily Gibbons

Social Media Manager and Operations

Emily is in charge of NutriPRs social media activity with strong expertise in planning, implementing and monitoring engaging strategies to increase company image, create brand awareness, gain new followers and drive high quality leads. Emily knows how to develop relevant content to attract the right audience. 

Emily is also responsible for all aspects of business operations to ensure company best practice and that all systems align with our quality standards.

Emily Gibbons NutriPR

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