Our new office NutriPR.jpg

Welcome to our new office!

We are delighted to announce that we have recently moved locations to new and larger office space.

NutriPR is growing with the times and we are so excited to share our new office with all our clients near and far.


Our wonderful journey started in 2002 with a small boutique home office. It is now time to grow with the times and expand operations. We look forward to designing and crafting more of your stories throughout


“I’m incredibly excited about the potential for this new office,” said Liat Simha the founder and owner of NutriPR “this move ensures our ability to grow and progress for many years to come”.


We look at this new location as the start of another chapter in our history, this relocation is a result of continued business growth and an increase in professional staff. 


We're still working on getting settled in and adding artwork to the walls, but we're incredibly excited to be in the new space. 

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