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High Omega-3 Chew for Pregnant Women

Global new food and beverage product launches with an omega-3 for pregnancy or breastfeeding claim are growing at 34% annually, according to Innova.

Anlit, Ltd., launches a delicious, high-DHA omega-3 supplement in a single fish-shaped chew to benefit women during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Anlit will present the new supplement plus other functional gummies and chews at Vitafoods Europe-FPE on May 15-17, 2018, in Geneva.

Anlit’s new omega-3 chew is a fun, fish-shaped, single-serving bite containing a high concentration of DHA as well as EPA (126mg DHA, 24mg EPA), for a total of 150mg omega-3 fatty acids. This new gluten-free supplement joins the company’s OmegaBite high DHA+EPA line that was launched last year.

Innova Market Insights reports a global 34% average annual growth (CAGR 2013-2017) of new food and beverage product launches with omega-3 for pregnancy or breastfeeding claims, and a 10.8% average annual growth (CAGR 2013-2017) in overall global product launches with omega-3 claims.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are important for the pregnant women and her fetus, mostly known for appropriate neural and cognitive function. Recent meta-analyses indicate probiotics and fish oil supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding could help reduce the risk for food allergies and eczema in early childhood.[1] The findings are now being considered by the British Government as an influential component for the new dietary guidelines for expectant mothers and infants.[2]

“Pregnant women in particular are very sensitive to fish oil taste and smell”, explains Shai Karlinski, VP of sales and marketing for Anlit. “We tested a range of high omega-3 developed by Anlit’s R&D experts before succeeding in creating one that can meet the growing demand for a tasty, odourless omega-3 supplements. Often, the typical size of omega-3 softgel is hard to swallow and not appealing to consumers. This unique formula helps Millennial moms avoid the unpleasant aroma and aftertaste of fish-oil omega-3s and instead enjoy consuming it like a treat”.

OmegaBite for pregnant or breastfeeding women is trans fat-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and made from only simple ingredients. “Anlit’s OmegaBites technology overcomes challenges such as stability and unpleasant flavour and aroma, providing a tasty and—most importantly, a safe—solution for pregnant women”, notes Karlinski. “The delicious chewy matrix, also helps overcome ‘pill fatigue’, the reluctance to take nutritional supplements”.

The consumption of omega 3 supplement is challenging for everyone, anytime, but during pregnancy, the act of swallowing large softgel, coupled with a fishy aroma exacerbates this challenge and lead to an aversion that prevents pregnant or breastfeeding women from consuming this vital ingredient. To answer this need Anlit’s expert R&D team developed the chew and fine-tuned it from a feminine point of view to be expressly designed for women. “Our OmegaBite, with its smooth texture, pleasant taste, and high content of omega-3 DHA enables the pregnant woman to actually enjoy the intake of the essential component”, adds Karlinski.

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