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Arjuna Natural to Market Curcugreen™ directly to the US Market

Arjuna rebranding its all-natural turmeric extract

Kerala, India—Arjuna Natural Ltd. announces it has established a direct supply chain in the US for its leading high-potency turmeric extract, Curcugreen™, ensuring safe, pure product. Curcugreen has the same, market-leading patented bio-available composition that was sold previously through an exclusive agreement with Dolcas Biotech under the brand name, “BCM-95®”. This composition experienced record growth levels compared to all other curcumin supplements.

“Our priority is to ensure our customers and consumers that our patented composition — the safety and therapeutic benefits of which have been validated by more than 50 scientific studies — will continue to be available without any change in the composition,” explains P.J. Kunjachan, Chairman and Managing Director for Arjuna. “Arjuna Natural will market the same patented composition under its own trademark, Curcugreen.”

Arjuna, the manufacturer and owner of 29 patents on product composition, process and application will no longer supply the clinically proven composition to Dolcas Biotech. The change to new brand name will not affect the composition and quality of this unique curcumin.


The growing importance of traceability, and maintaining complete control of the supply chain from farm-to-fork, and commitment to highest standards of quality encouraged Arjuna to move closer to serving customers globally. The Arjuna sales office in Dallas, Texas, will serve its North American customers and guarantee the highest level of service. Arjuna will exhibit Curcugreen alongside its portfolio of natural ingredients, natural colors, and natural preservatives, at the SSW Expo, in Las Vegas, November 8 and 9, booth 2378.


The unique composition of Curcugreen comprises of curcuminoids and essential oil of turmeric which increases free-curcumin bioavailability and provides multifaceted health benefits. This composition has proven synergistic activity. This is a whole-food ingredient, clean, natural, and safe to use.

“Our flagship curcumin has been at the forefront of turmeric science for the past 15 years,” says Benny Antony, PhD, Joint Managing Director for Arjuna. “It now has been rebranded as Curcugreen to reflect the spirit of a safe, high-bioavailability ingredient, backed with an eco-friendly approach through the use of solar energy and sustainable farming practices. Arjuna has taken full control of its supply chain.”


“We will continue to invest in new science for Curcugreen to expand the use of this innovative curcumin in the bioavailable space,” adds Antony.


“Our brand is consistently evolving — we are at the forefront of science and innovation not just for the sake of innovation but to create a difference in consumers’ lifestyle,” concluded Antony. ”We will continue to work closely with our customers to identify and create the products that consumers need.”


 Visit us at SSW in Las Vegas, booth no. 2378


About Arjuna Natural

For more than a quarter of a century Arjuna Natural Ltd. has been India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of standardized botanical extracts for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Established in 1992, the company has grown rapidly, with customers in 40 countries. Arjuna holds 35 international patents, of which the majority are commercialized globally. The advanced R&D unit is a complete research facility that works in collaboration with international universities on phytochemistry, pharmacokinetics, formulation, development, pre-clinical and toxicity studies.


Arjuna is totally committed to social responsibility. Building affordable housing for the needy, helping poor patients attain the best hospital treatment, and contributing to higher studies for children of poverty are just some examples of Arjuna’s active endeavors in social responsibility.

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