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Feminine Probiotics in a delicious format

Anlit Embraces Its Feminine Side

Tel Aviv, Israel — Anlit, Ltd., launches a delicious, “feminine probiotics” chew targeting women’s health. Anlit will present the new supplement and other functional chews at VitaFoods Europe in Geneva on May 7-9, 2018, booth No. L81.



Feminine Probiotics contains a powerful blend of beneficial live probiotic bacteria and cranberry extract working in synergy to support genitourinary tract health. The supplement contains a blend of six different strains of live bacteria plus cranberry extract. This all-encompassing formula is delivered in a tasty vanilla-cranberry flavored chew that melts in the mouth.



“Anlit is constantly seeking innovative system delivery formats that consumers will love,” says Shai Karlinski, VP of sales and marketing for Anlit. “For Feminine Probiotics, we created a synergistic combination of natural ingredients that are beneficial for women’s personal health and packed it into a tasty chew.”



Anlit is well-known for its focus on children’s health, but in the recent years the company has recognized that adults do not want to compromise on flavor or swallow unpleasant tablets. “The big potential of the adult market led us to offer new ways to enjoy supplements at home and on-the-go,” explains Karlinski.



One of Anlit’s main challenges was to create a tasty supplement with high stability. The company developed an innovative technology called “LLP, Long-Life Probiotic” which enables the incorporation of live bacteria in fun flavorful chewy formats and at the same time ensures its high stability even under ambient conditions. For Feminine Probiotics, Anlit’s experts also had to assess the required level of the active cranberry ingredient and select a specific cranberry extract that contains the effective dosage of this ingredient.



“Another important parameter was the cranberry taste,” adds Karlinski. “While cranberry supplements have a bland or sour taste, we were uncompromising when it came to creating a flavorful chew that women would love.”



Feminine Probiotics contains six beneficial bacteria strains that support maintain a balanced pH level and prevent personal discomfort. The combination of these six strains with cranberry extract is the ideal formulations for a woman’s genitourinary health. The new product is

vegetarian, GMO-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and certified kosher and halal.



Feminine Probiotics is a member of Anlit’s new line of chews for women’s health. The company also will present its high-DHA omega-3 supplement at VitaFoods this year. It is a single fish-shaped chew supplement with ingredients designed to specifically benefit women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.



About Anlit

Anlit Ltd., a subsidiary of Maabarot Products, Israel -- a public company traded on the TASE -- is an innovative developer and manufacturer of a broad range of dietary supplements for children and adults. All products are GMP, FSSC, ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP compliant, gluten-free as well as kosher and halal certified.



Visit us at Finished Products Europe (VitaFoods), Booth No. L81

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