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Healthy Heights® Goes Online at Walmart and RangeMe

NGS’ science-backed growth-support protein shakes for kids to gain wide-ranging availability in the US

Tel Aviv - Nutritional Growth Solutions, Ltd., (NGS, ASX:NGS) has expanded into the US retail market after sealing agreements with the multinational retailer Walmart, Inc., and online marketplace RangeMe USA, LLC, to sell Healthy Heights®, its line of science- backed children’s protein shakes, on their online platforms. These deals are a key milestone in NGS’ retail expansion strategy in the US, driven by recently appointed President, North America, Stephen Turner. Healthy Heights flagship product Grow Daily 3+, is a protein shake mix designed specifically to help meet the nutritional needs of children who are struggling to grow. NGS’ founders wanted to create a formula that was both safe and effective for children to enjoy and would help them grow. Grow Daily 3+ was developed and tested by pediatricians as a holistic solution to nourish growing children aged 3 to 9 years and provides nutritional support in picky eaters.


The formula contains a precise ratio of macronutrients (whey protein, carbohydrates, and fat) and micronutrients (including L-arginine, vitamins, and minerals) to help kids grow. Grow Daily 3+ shake mix contains only GRAS ingredients, comes in three flavors—chocolate, vanilla, and a neutral flavour—and is backed by clinical studies. The delicious, kid-friendly protein shake mix package contains seven single serve shake packets, has no GMOs, is gluten-free, and soy-free.


Being listed on will bring Healthy Heights products to approximately 100 million regular online Walmart visitors each month.’s total US sales reached US$43 billion in 2021, a 70% growth compared with 2020, making it the second-largest ecommerce marketplace in the US, after Amazon.[1]


The complete Healthy Heights product portfolio, including upcoming product launches, also has been approved for listing on the leading product discovery and sourcing platform, The platform is used by more than 10,000 retailers including Wholefoods, CVS Pharmacy, Target, and 7-Eleven. It will increase NGS’ exposure to retail buyers and, in turn, increase the presence of Healthy Heights products throughout retail stores in the US.


“This move significantly raises our profile on the e-commerce platform of one of the world’s largest retail groups,,” enthuses Liron Fendell, CEO and Managing Director of NGS. “In addition, our Healthy Heights brand will be exposed to an immense audience of retail buyers for some of the world’s leading retail brands. These outlets always are researching new and innovative products to expand their product ranges, often through”


“While nutrition supplements are necessary for many kids, some brands include a lot of sugar that growing bodies don’t need,” explains Fendell. “With only 3g sugar per serving, Grow Daily 3+ is a nutrition shake that gives kids the nutrients they need, without all that added sugar.”


Parents of active kids love to include Grow Daily 3+ in smoothies or pancakes as a snack after school or before soccer practice to boost their child’s daily calory intake. A nice side effect of adequate calorie intake is better sleep. Researchers have found a positive correlation between the amount of time a child slept and his or her caloric and macronutrient intake. “When researchers were evaluating the results from our clinical study, they found participants who were consuming the nutrition in Grow Daily 3+ fell asleep faster than those with poor consumption,” notes Fendell.


“Our retail expansion strategy is an important milestone as the company strives to grow the Healthy Heights brand into a global household name,” adds Turner. “Our evidence-based products are designed specifically for children’s growth and may be eligible for cash rebates through private health providers in the US. The addition of our range on Walmart’s electronic platform will increase our number of prospective customers.”


“Arranging approvals with Walmart and were important steps in our ongoing US retail expansion venture. We look forward to stocking our products through more retailers to reach even more children with our nutritional products so those kids can grow into the person they are meant to be,” Fendell concludes.



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