Our advantages

What makes our clients’ PR campaigns so successful?
First, we listen to our clients, learn about their desires and see their vision.
Ours is a unique combination of using traditional public relations tools and advanced interactive out-of-the-box formats to capture the attention of readers and reporters.
We have developed and maintain close, personal media relations with journalists in food and beverage B2B media—they know NutriPR and respect us because we have taken the time to learn about our clients and can present a clear, on-target message for the journalist to latch onto.
We get each of our clients the best results in:
• Media coverage.
• Driving traffic to your website.
• Getting the editor’s attention and support.
• Building a strong image for you in B2B food & beverage and ingredient global media.

Our experience
After more than a decade, we now have an extensive track record of bringing success to our clients in this specialized industry media. Our deep understanding of the nutrition industry and B2B media, combined with our long-term relationships with editors and reporters, allows us to build and implement the most effective marketing strategies to achieve our clients’ goals.

By tailoring our actions to our clients’ needs, coupled with acute market-trends insight, then double-checking every idea before getting a final decision, we make the successful difference for each campaign.

Bring PR success to your business, contact us.

I’m proud to tell you we have consistently retained a high percentage of our original clients (60% of our clients have been working with us more than 5 years). And personally, even after more than a decade in the business, I still get excited with every single publication of our clients’ press releases or certain advertising. We never take your business or your company for granted. (Liat Simha, CEO 2013)