Top Ten Highlights: Israeli Innovations Trending at Anuga 2015 – Part 2

Clever mayonnaise alternative, fresh green juice and more at Anuga 2015

Tel Aviv, Israel – Product innovation, new foods, and the spirit of cooperation are key trends at the Taste of Israel Pavilion at Anuga 2015 in Cologne, Germany next week. The Pavilion will highlight new food and beverage products developed by 20 Israeli companies, addressing the top trends in the global market.

“The Taste of Israel Pavilion reflects modern Israeli cuisine based on the healthy, traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean ingredients favored by the region’s melting pot of ethnic cultures,” explains Carolin Nave, Food & Beverage Manager for The Israel Export Institute. “For example, Sindyanna of Galilee is a Fair-Trade, Jewish-Arab NGO selling olive oil from Israeli Arab farmers; it encourages sustainable organic agriculture while investing all its profits in the education and empowerment of Arab women.”

“Previously, we covered five of the Top 10 food trends for Anuga 2015: Vegan; Whole grain; Convenience; Snacks on-the-go; and Indulgence”, notes Nave. “Presented here are the remaining five”:

Mayonnaise alternative – A healthy, superfood-derived mayonnaise alternative in a squeezable bottle helps address the current egg crisis. SeedBorn (e)®, developed by Rushdi Food Industries Ltd., is a new salad dressing made from just a single ingredient: sesame. Full of health, flavor and high-value nutrients, SeedBorn(e) is the best alternative to egg-/ mayonnaise-based dressings, such as Ranch or Bleu cheese.

Go Green – PriNIV Ltd.’s Green Juice is the next-generation all-natural beverage. PriNIV uses proprietary technology to squeeze juices from locally grown, hand-selected and harvested apples, cucumbers, avocados, kiwi, lettuce, spinach parsley and mint, then adds high-protein, vitamin-rich spirulina. Nutrients and freshness are retained for extended shelf-life without preservatives, colours, or added sugar.

Clean label – Carmel Agrexco Ltd. launches a clean-label avocado oil for the European market. It contains no preservatives or colouring. Because of its particular fat ratios, the 100% extra virgin avocado oil has a naturally high smoke point of 482°F (250°C). This makes it particularly useful for everything from frying and baking to salad dressings. Carmel Agrexco works with local farmers and controls the supply chain from harvest to the retail market. The new avocado oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids, thus helping decrease LDL-cholesterol levels  while increasing levels of HDL cholesterol. It also is rich in vitamin E.

Innovative Packaging – a new line of healthy, salt-roasted nuts—peanuts, cashews, almonds and peeled pistachios—was developed by PNUTS&FRUITS Ltd. The products are uniquely packed using nitrogen instead of preservatives to keep product freshness up to 7 months. Salted with natural Red Sea salt, potato starch is used instead of the more common wheat flour to coat the salt to the nuts, making the product gluten-free as well.

Asian flavours A new line of honey cookies based on original family recipes by Angel Ltd. will be launched at Anuga 2015. The rich, additive-free cookies are flavoured with exotic spices of anise, ginger, chili, or with a hint of wasabi.



Meet us at Anuga, Cologne, 10-14 October 2015, Israel Pavilion, Hall 2.1, Stand C-028g-D-025g