Food Trends highlights from the Taste of Israel Pavilion at Anuga

Food Trends highlights from the Taste of Israel Pavilion at Anuga 2015

Taste of Israel Pavilion Showcases Some of the Country’s Most Creative Brands

Tel Aviv, Israel – The Taste of Israel Pavilion will present new food and beverage products developed by 20 Israeli companies at Anuga 2015 in Cologne, Germany. The products address the top trends in the global market. The Israel Export Institute reports that Israel’s food and beverage sales exported to Asia hit US$108 million in just the first half of 2015—an increase of 12% compared to the first half of 2014. Exports to Asia are about one-fourth of total Israeli food and beverages export. “Israel is a global leader in high-tech, medical devices and biotechnology,” points out Caroline Nave, Food & Beverage Manager for The Israel Export Institute. “Yet extensive know-how, research and product innovation are among the success factors of the Israeli food & beverage industry, too. We’re excited to exhibit such innovative products.”

The companies, which invest heavily in R&D and food technology, are attuned to global food trends. A quick look at the Taste of Israel Pavilion line-up reveals cutting-edge products targeting 10 top food and beverage trends:

  1. Vegan – Carmel Agrexco Ltd. will launch an all-natural cashew butter spread produced via a unique cold-grinding technique to keep all the nutrients, without preservatives or additives. This vegan spread is ideal as a dairy butter alternative and answers the clean-label trend as well.
  1. Whole grain – Dodot Ltd.’s Shelley Anne’s Crackers will exhibit its all-natural crackers. Made with a mix of whole grains, seeds and water, they’re baked using patented technology. The crackers boast a wealth of essential healthy ingredients, are rich in protein, natural insoluble fibers, vitamin B and minerals, without additives.
  1. Convenience – Sanlakol Ltd. will launch a new line of hummus spreads and dips, packed in innovative single-serving plastic containers with easy-to-open foil seals. The nutritious, high-protein/high-fiber spreads are produced with advanced technology to ensure food safety and long shelf life, and need no refrigeration. They’re an ideal inclusion for kids’ school meals, are vegetarian and vegan, and contain no preservatives.
  1. Snacks on-the-go – Rushdi Food Industries Ltd. launches a new line of its “on-the-go” healthy sesame snacks, based on the sweet Middle Eastern delicacy, Each snack bar is rich in protein, provides 35% of the daily calcium requirements and 29% of iron but has only 99 calories per serving. They’re gluten-free and vegan, and contain no preservatives.
  1. Indulgence – Family-owned Cérémonie Tea Ltd. has quickly become one of Israel’s leading tea companies. The company will exhibit its new whole leaf tea flavour: citronella green tea. This all-natural tea includes Sencha green tea, lemongrass, and lemon verbena, each single serving individually wrapped in a unique, carefully crafted mini cube.

To be continued: Look for trends 6-10 in an upcoming press release!

Meet us at Anuga, Cologne, 10-14 October 2015, Israel Pavilion, Hall 2.1, Stand C-028g-D-025g