Consumers hunger for savoury and sweet indulgence in India

Fi India: Explore the latest bakery trends

The Indian bakery industry is emerging as a dynamic, innovative market, eager to meet the demands of the burgeoning middle class—consumers with a hunger for a bit of savoury or sweet indulgence.

Innova Market Insights, the international market research firm, published the following bakery report ahead of Fi India 2015, in Mumbai, 19-21 October 2015.

By far, the bakery sub-category that dominated Indian product launches was sweet biscuits/cookies, accounting for about a 65% share of overall bakery category launches tracked over the last 3 years. “Food manufacturers are driving a new era of growth and transformation in both health-oriented and premium-quality products,” explains Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation for Innova Market Insights.

The top health claim on the rise for bakery launches in India is trans-fat-free, satisfying consumer interest in lowering cholesterol. These consumers will also be pleased to know that zero-cholesterol products are also hitting the mainstream. Following closely behind to satisfy health-aware households are bakery isle items with no additives or preservatives. Also growing in popularity are high-fibre claims, targeting improved digestion, heart health, cholesterol levels and other benefits.

Vegetarian is the leading positioning for bakery launches, supporting the large population of non-meat-eaters in India and elsewhere. A striking 67% or more of the baked goods category product launches in 2014 boasted vegetarian claims.

As has been the case for a number of years, chocolate led the pack in flavour, appearing in over 7% of 2014 bakery launches, ahead of milk at 4%. Fillings of all kinds are being promoted for premium and sophisticated appeal, while real fruit pieces that deliver crisp texture and embellishment are drawing product differentiation attention.

While at Fi India, do you want to understand the finer nuances of bakery products, to learn about the topics that even bakers tend to neglect? Then, make sure to attend the free bakery workshop, “Basics of Bakery Modernisation,” for techniques and technology to enhance fundamental baking skills, from ingredients to packaging. Among other popular directions, the bakery workshop will explore the growing gluten-free and egg replacement trends in baked goods. Get in on the action, where Fi India will host the “Healthy Cookie-Baking Competition,” open to everyone who works or has worked professionally in the baking, cake, pastry or chocolate industry.

In addition to hundreds of ingredient suppliers showcasing their products, Fi India will feature a whole host of valuable forums, including free onsite seminars, the Expo FoodTec platform for the latest in food processing and packaging and the Health Ingredients (Hi) pavilion.