Driving traffic to your website

What is the best way to drive traffic to your website?

SEO or social media?

Most of our clients tell us that a successful PR campaign provides them the best leads and drives traffic to their websites. In fact, a successful PR campaign combines four key interactive tools: a well-crafted press release, SEO, social media, and an engaging picture or video clip.
Why a successful PR campaign can drive traffic to your website:
A successful PR campaign is a key for building your company’s image in B2B media. More importantly, it almost instantly generates hundreds of links to your press releases online and in major food and business magazines, internationally.
Potential customers see your press releases on leading B2B food & business magazine websites and learn about your company and its product lines.
Potential customers click on your website and send you specific inquiries. Plus, they instantly get your press release when searching specific keywords on leading search engines.
Adding specific active keywords for search optimization in each press release causes engines such as Google and yahoo to “like” and promote your press release.

5 tips to drive traffic to your website:
• Choose an international PR agency that “speaks the language” of your industry.
• Write/distribute a press release at least once a month.
• Search for 1-2 keywords in Google AdWords and implement them in the title and the text of the release.
• Add an engaging picture and video clip to illustrate your press release in the media
• Tweet the release; post it to relevant groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and other key social media sites.

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