Time for Press Tour: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know

One of the best-hidden secret tools for building media relations with the press is a well-organized press tour. Sure, it’s an old-fashioned tool, but the in terms of building your company’s image and enhancing your brand in the media, it still is one of the best B2B marketing communication tools you can take advantage of.

Main benefits of a well-organized press tour:

Better—much better—media coverage – It doesn’t matter if your company is well-established or new and unknown in the industry. Once you decided to participate in a media tour, a tour done well, your company’s media coverage will rise dramatically. For example, back in 2006, Algatechnologies was a new manufacturer of natural astaxanthin in the Arava Desert. Following a comprehensive PR campaign, including several press trips, the company built a remarkable reputation and become a global leader of natural astaxanthin with its AstaPure brand. The “see for yourself” impact was such that every single reporter who visited Algatechnologies facilities provided the company additional media coverage.

  • Receive reporters’ exclusive attention — Find it hard to get the reporters’ attention? The best way to solve this problem is to meet the reporter on your ground – your plant, your labs, your office. Share your insight one-on-one, and tell your story personally. Let the reporter try your product in front of you and give honest feedback. Nothing like a demonstrating and offering an exclusive taste to attract the reporters’ attention, and involving the reporter directly in your quality control process. GreenLite Bakery successfully attained top headlines on leading food magazines, including a feature cover article, as a result of unresistable taste panel of its superior gluten-free bakery goods. The products themselves told the story.
  • Close, intimate media relations — Once you invite select reporters to facilities and meet them in person, you’ve built a foundation to create intimate media relations with them. These relations will benefit your PR campaign and your presence in the media for the long term.
  • Become a source –When you meet the reporters and share your story and news, continue to keep in touch and send valuable, relevant information or pictures related to your news. In the long term, the more expert viewpoints and insights you can offer, the more valuable your input will be.
  • Excellent PR tool for small to medium companies — Company size doesn’t matter. Take for example the story of Wake-Up®, a supplement drink developed by Eli Faraggi that quickly became an impressive success story: Following exposure and subsequent coverage through a series of press trips, the revolutionary WakeUp was awarded “Best Functional Drink” in its category during the Beverage Innovation Awards at the annual Drinktec expo in 2013. Mr. Faraggi reports plans for a U.S. market launch in January 2015.

How to organize a press tour at minimal cost?

Search for a partner with financial resources and international export capabilities, such as Chamber of Commerce governmental organization. At NutriPR, we collaborate with The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute to drive the innovative nutraceutical and functional food companies in Israel to the next level. Another option is to collaborate with a few local companies in your industry and divide the expenses among them.

Each year, NutriPR arranges for a select group of leading food and beverage B2B reporters, including top-level editors of the leading industry magazines, to come to Israel and meet representatives of Israel’s food ingredient, functional food and supplement industries. The engagement in Israel’s world of cutting-edge technology, outstanding innovation, coupled with the outstanding sightseeing, great food and holy places combine to create intimate awareness of the Israeli companies and cement unbreakable bonds with the nation, its people and culture.