Press Release Checklist for a New Age

A press release is not a text or even an article; it is a mini/multi-campaign that drives quality leads ‑ but only if you do it right. One press release won’t do the trick. You need to be consistence, keep it focused and embed it with intelligent multimedia tools.

Press releases are one of the best tools out there to enhance your company’s visibility and to build your brand internationally. New media and advanced tools can leverage your press release and differentiate it from a traditional press release.

Follow our “Top secrets for creating killer press releases”

Adjust to mobile

  • Keep the headline as short as possible
  • Focus on the main message right out of the gate
  • Add a relevant URL
  • Add your Twitter account.

Make it visible

  • Add a short video that focuses on the main message
  • Provide an infographic to show statistics or additional data
  • Attach an eye-catching, high-res picture

Drive traffic to your website

  • Use keywords in the title
  • Use keywords in the first two lines
  • But don’t overdo the keywords
  • Post your press release on your website

Make it real and relevant

  • Use quotes from senior managers
  • Use data from market research or a study


  • Add all contact details
  • Provide a short invitation for your booth in the next trade show
  • Invite the reader for your next webinar

Move it forward

  • Embed links for your story on social media
  • Retweet the published press release; engage with reporters
  • Add a visual for better engagement


  • Write naturally; avoid hyperbole (wording such as: “The leading company in…”)
  • Keep it short! 300-450 words, max
  • Use bullet points to highlight specific topics
  • Focus: Provide 2-3 main messages at most
  • Don’t provide too many details


There are more tips and guidelines, but this checklist is a focus on the latest trends in Public Relations and content creation.