The nutrition innovation call for action: educate, engage and share

In our family, everybody is passionate about the food he or she eats. We have vegans, vegetarians, kosher and paleo—and a few people like me who have a passion for healthy, tasty foods. We’re not a big family, but an important part of conversations at family dinners is about food and nutrition, and we often have more opinions than people! Food is about engaging, gathering, and sharing, but it also becomes a way of life. Your attitude toward food can be a large part of how you define yourself and your life mission, not just a hedonistic desire.

At Health & Nutrition Week in Frankfurt 2016, food professionals will seek answers to global concerns about food and nutrition: How we’ll feed 9 billion people in 2030 and how to make better, nutritious food with a minimum ecological footprint. UBM plc, the leading business events organizer, has created the Health & Nutrition Week platform to get answers and directions.

If you want to make an impact in the food and supplement industry, I suggest joining us for a few of the Health & Nutrition Week professional sessions. Here are some highlights of a few of the planned events that will impact the nutraceutical and food industry in 2017.

The future of nutritionThe future of nutrition: What’s hot and what’s not

This full-day conference, just one day before Hi Europe, is a “must” for every industry professional, especially if you exhibit and don’t have time to attend the conference during Hi Europe. You will gain insight into the game-changing trends that will shape the health ingredients industry in the coming years. Hot topics to explore: Personalized nutrition; Feeding Tomorrow’s Consumers: New Edible Worlds; Innovation in Academia; Unlocking the Commercial Potential of Insect Proteins; Ending Hunger by 2030; and much more to explore with top industry experts.


A new contest to promote innovative start-ups in ingredients

Working with startups to help them promote their ideas and innovations is certainly an exciting part of my job. With today’s global nutrition (and malnutrition) challenges, startups become the forefront of the industry, bringing innovation to the table. To help these vanguards, UBM, in collaboration with its key partners, Agroparc and Presans created The Start-Up Innovation Challenge. This signature event will examine innovative projects of start-ups that have developed completely new ingredients to address important health conditions and promote healthy eating. Prize-winners will get strong media visibility through UBM, combined with a “starter package” provided by Agroparc. A panel of judges will chose five finalists who will pitch their companies during the HIE on the 29th of November. Prizes for the two best projects will be awarded during an official ceremony, scheduled to take place on the 29th of November.

Women’s networking breakfast

For me, Danielle Nierenberg, the president of Food Tank is definitely the new power representative for women as a voice for better, safer, healthier food. She is on a mission to fix the “broken” food system, help farmers, fight obesity and hunger, and create a better world for all. The women’s networking breakfast is a good starting point to make a change, and to drive innovation and sustainable healthy solutions. If you are on the same mission, join in the conversation; engage, contribute, and strive with us to prevent malnutrition and obesity.

Sport Nutrition conference – beyond caffeine and whey protein

According to Euromonitor International, the European sports nutrition market is growing at 12% annually, with the UK (€743m) leading the market, and Germany (€219m) following.

If you are in the sports nutrition business, don’t miss this opportunity to discover the hot trends and opportunities in this market. You also will learn what really happened at the Rio Olympiad in terms of sport nutrition performance, plus get a chance to hear about Oxford University’s ketones research spin-off and the new EU caffeine regulations.

The hunger project #malnutritionThe Hunger Project – ending by 2030

The Hunger Project has comprehensive programs throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America, based on an innovative, holistic approach that empowers women and men living in rural villages to become the agents of their own development and make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty.

All programs are based on three essential pillars:

  1. Start by empowering women as key change agents
  2. Activate entire communities into self-reliant action
  3. Nurture effective partnerships to engage with local governments

Hi Europe Modular Conference

Explore the hottest trends in the market, find out how to reduce waste, and learn the potential for ethical labelling. The focus of infant health shifts toward the pregnant mother, driving product innovation that serves pregnant women. For more information and the full agenda click here.

30th  anniversary Fi Global Party

Fi Global celebrates its 30th anniversary and YOU are invited to a cocktail party and the opportunity to engage with prospects and clients. Come to the West Side Bar, Hall 3 Mezzanine level on 29th November at 18.00. Cheers!

Here’s a tip: Every event is a great opportunity to learn and mingle with industry experts, visitors and suppliers. Just don’t forget to take pictures and videos and share them on your social media network.