25 Hot Topics Reporters Can’t Resist

The biggest challenge in writing successful press releases for B2B food & beverage media is finding a hot topic to catch the reporter’s attention. Make your press release worth reading.

4 steps to finding new topics for B2B press releases

1. Define your content strategy and main messages.

2. Brainstorm with employees in different departments and levels. You’ll be surprised at how consistently these meetings provide new and brilliant ideas and stories.

3. List all ideas; then narrow them down to topics that are relevant and will create media buzz.

4. Repeat monthly. This will keep fresh, relevant topics flowing throughout the year and keep you ahead of unexpected developments.

Topic list for your 2014 PR campaign:

Newsworthy company info

  1. New office opening
  2. New customer service center opening
  3. New market or niche
  4. Strategic partnership with another company
  5. New executive appointments
  6. Acquisition of a company in the industry
  7. Building a new plant, improving production, etc.
  8. Attaining important certifications

Events & trade shows

  1. Editorial content for trade show (product launch preview, reformulation, etc.)
  2. Important presentations at conferences or trade shows
  3. Award winning

All about your products

  1. New product or ingredient launches
  2. Latest clinical research supporting your product’s benefits
  3. New formulations for specific applications
  4. New evidence of health benefit in existing products or ingredients
  5. Increase in sales of specific products or food ingredients
  6. Increase of production of a product or food ingredient
  7. Your ingredient added to a new product
  8. Case studies (via customer, new market, etc.)

Thought leadership

  1. Market trends related to your product line
  2. Predictions for your industry and supporting market analysis information
  3. Major steps in your sustainability strategy
  4. New trend within your industry
  5. Correction of a common myth in your industry
  6. Important questions related to food safety, clean label, etc.


Choosing the right topic for your press release is a catalyst for a powerful PR campaign.


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