Our team


Liat Simha, Founder, PR Expert

Liat founded NutriPR, in 2002. She works closely with all NutriPR clients, planning every step of each customized campaign with care and intelligence. Liat specializes in creating individualized messages and nurturing long-lasting media contact relationships. Today, NutriPR is an international PR agency that provides global media coverage for NutriPR clients, continuing to prove itself via successful, high-impact public relations campaigns. We are very proud of Liat’s personal relationship with editors and journalists globally, making it easier to make the buzz and build up our clients’ image.


Libit Bar-Oz, Marketing Communications Manager – Branding & Advertising.

Libit joined NutriPR in 2010, bringing 4 years of successful experience in business development for several  different industries. As a branding consultant, Libit provides analysis, solutions and general marketing expertise to help NutriPR clients successfully promote their products across B2B media. Libit guides our clients in developing and implementing strategies for both new and existing products, influencing all phases of marketing, from design and distribution decisions to advertising and public relations messaging.


Ayelet Landau – Advertising and Social Media Consultant.

Ayelet joined the NutriPR team in April 2015, as an advertising and social media consultant for nutraceutical and functional food companies. She has experience in the field of marketing communications and brings innovative and out-of-the-box ideas to the table. Ayelet has a proven track record of professional achievements in planning advertising campaigns, content development and designing networking events. Ayelet is in charge of advertising budgets for NutriPR clients, including: media planning and buying; creating brand awareness; and building B2B ingredient and supplement brands internationally. She is also responsible for customer relations and media relations.